11. Botanical Hydrating Face Cream
  • Anti-Aging Night Cream                         
  • Hydrating Botanical Night Cream

13. Botanical Facial Cleanser  

14. Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleanser

15. Exfoliating Facial Scrub
16. Ultra Refreshing Toner
17. Eye Serum
  • Serum   -  anti-aging  gel                               
  • Complex   - anti-wrinkle  gel                        


Masks & Muds
22. Clay Masks                                               
·          Carrot Seed
·          Spa Refining
23. Japanese Green Tea                                 
24. Israeli Black Mineral Mud                                

Handmade In Granny's Own Kitchen
Granny's Products
98% - 100% All Natural
Handmade from the highest quality ingredients
Other Products
Luxury Hand Creams   
Large Luxury Body Cream
Body Butter
Exfoliating Foot Soap Bar Soap
Dead Sea Salt

Exfoliating Soap Foot Scrub
with Mineral & Dead Sea Salts

Pamper Me Pedicure
Soap with Luffa in it’s own container

Foot Soap Sponge (Scrubbie)   
Ant-Fungal Cream  
Foot Care Gift Sets
Available– Different Products & Prices
Granny's Products
Luxury Hand Made Soap Bars
Natural Honey
Olive Oil
Goats Milk
Goats Milk & Honey

Moisturizing Concentrated Liquid Soap
Foaming Hand Soap
Bubble Bath
Body Wash
Soap Infused Sponges
Foot Soap Sponge
Body Soap Sponge
Face Soap Sponge

Organic Liquid Castile Soap
Foaming Hand Soap
Bubble Bath  
Body Wash

Body Creams - Body Butters
Shea Butter - Goats Milk with Tahiti Oil  
98% Natural
Mineral  & Dead Sea Salts

Himalayan Salt Crystal
Orders Upon Request

Dead Sea Salt with Bubble Bath
Bulk Orders upon request

Mini Bath Bombs 6 pack
Botanical Face Care
Japanese Green Tea & Cucumber
99% Natural
Carrot Seed Essential Oil Products
Anti Aging  & Healing
98% & 99.9% Natural
Botanical Face Cream & Face Care Products

Body Butter

Shae Butter Hand Lotion

Harvey’s Eczema Butter
Clay Masks
Carrot Seed
Spa Refining

Japanese Green Tea

Israeli Mineral Mud
Botanical Walnut Husk Facial Scrub

Soap Sponge Scrubs

Botanical Face Cleansing Scrub Scrubbie

Foot Sponge Scrubbie

Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Scrub
100% Natural  
Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Soap Scrub
Body  Scrub
Foot Scrub
Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Oil Scrub  

Himalayan Sea Salt Almond Oil Scrub

Body Polish  
Sugar Scrubs
Vegetable  oil Base
Almond Oil Base
Botanical Face Cream

Night Creams
Anti-Aging Night Cream
Silk Road - Restorative Cream

Facial Cleanser

Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleanser

Ultra Refreshing Toner

Exfoliating Botanical Walnut Husk Facial Scrub

Eye Serum
M.S.M. Pain Relief

Roll on Hot & Cold M.S.M. Pain Relief  

Cuticle Cream
Deodorant  ( No Aluminum)

Foot and Body Scrubbies
Gardener’s Cream

Moore Mud Bath ( 1 Bath)

Lip Balm  
100% Natural

Bug Off -Lotion
Insect Repellent Spray
Deet-Free    100`% Natural

Sun Screen   SPF 35 +
100% Natural

Aloe Vera Serum
Granny’s Foot Care
Baby Products
100% Natural
Diaper Rash Cream  

Baby Powder

Baby Lotion

Baby Wash

Tearless Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Belly Balm
Granny's Handmade Luxury Soaps
Fragrance List
Granny’s Hair Care
Aloe Shampoo
Enriched with Therapeutic Essential Oils

Hair Conditioner
Enriched with Therapeutic Essential Oils

Argan Oil Hair Shine Serum

Pro Vitamin B
5 Hair Spray

Leave in Detangler & Conditioner Spray

Anti - Fizz Detangler & Conditioner

Jojoba Oi
Bath - Body - Hair

Dark Tanning Oil

Jojoba Oil  ''Bath - Body - Hair''

Oils with Exfoliating Scrubs

Honey & Oatmeal Face Scrub

Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Oil Scrub

Himalayan Sea Salt Almond Oil Scrub

Body Polish  
Sugar Scrubs
100% Natural Oils
Skin Rejuvenating Oils
in my kitchen
using only the
highest quality ingredients
Chemical Free


Products are
98% to 100%
Handmade Luxury Soaps
Bars - Liquids - Sponges
Granny's Scrubs
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February - December
Anna Thickson
Box 227
Sturgis, Sk. Ca.
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Therapeutic  Products
100% Natural
Your Granny Used to Make

Aloe Vera Sunburn Gel
Cold Sore Ointment
Thrush Serum
Head Lice Shampoo
Sinus Decongestant
Anti - Cold
& Flu
Laundry Soap