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Mud Masks are a wonderful method for gently pulling impurities from
the skin while at the same time helping to balance oil production.
The  ingredients contained, will actively target the pimples and acne on
your face, while helping to reduce skin redness, reducing inflammation,
softening the skin, soothing irritation and helping to reduce pain,
while promoting a clearer skin.
To effectively manage and sort out pimples and acne, excessive sebum
(oil) must be removed, the natural flow of the sebum in the skin must be
established and excessive keratinization (build-up of dead skin cells)
must be prevented and removed. Compounds must be put in place
to fight infection from spreading.

Other ingredients are included, which also fight skin infection,
help the skin heal, and to promote general skin health.
One of the more detrimental remedies for problem or
acne skin is to use very harsh products on their skin
which dries the skin to the point of flakiness.
Although excess sebum (oil) must be contained,
the skin needs proper moisture and hydration to function properly -
and over-drying the skin can be a contributory cause of skin problems

Clay masks- helps you remove the dirt, harmful toxins, black or white heads,
The high mineral content of White Kaolin Clay will rejuvenate the skin
while the clay exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation.
Regular use of clay facials will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation to the skin,
remove debris from the pores and bring about a smooth healthy glow.

Youthful texture is restored and a healthy glow returns as skin takes on a polished, poreless look.

Wash face then pat dry. Apply enough layer of clay using fingers then let dry for 15-20mins. Wash with warm water.
Exfoliate with one of Granny's Facial Scrubs. Pat skin dry then apply Botanical Face Cream.
Masks And Scrubs
Israeli Black Mud Mask
Clay Facial Mask
Wash face then pat dry. Apply enough layer of Mineral Mud using fingers then let dry for 15-20mins. Wash with warm water.
You will feel revitalize and literally feel the blood rushing to your face!
Exfoliate with one of Granny's Facial Scrubs. Pat skin dry then apply Granny's Botanical Face Cream.
Repeat application once  a week
Face Scrubs
Face Masks
Spa Refining Clay Mask
Cleanse the skin with one of Granny's Rejuvenating Face Cleaners.
Place a small amount of the Rejuvenating Face Scrub on tips of
fingers, scrub all areas of your face with circular movements,
without using undue pressure.
Avoiding the eye and lip area.
Rinse with tepid water, pat dry your face.
As this is an oil base scrub no moisturizers should be necessary
unless you have extremely dry skin

Apply a small amount to  damp skin.
Scrub in  small circular movements, without undue pressure and avoiding the eye and lip area.
In extreme cases- can be gently used Daily

Follow using
“Granny’s Firming Botanical Facial Toner and Granny's Botanical Face Cream or Anti-Aging Night Cream
Granny's  Rejuvenating Facial Scrubs
will help to effectively remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, to let a
more radiant skin texture through, while at the same time assisting the newly exposed
skin to function  and by doing so, help to reduce the size of the pores naturally.
Water, clay, glycerin, Rose Water,Vegetable source Stearic
Acid, Cocoa nut Oil source Citric Acid,Tahiti Oil, Jojoba
Oil,Neroli oil,Grape Fruit essential Oil
Also Available with
Carrot Seed Oil
Neroli Oil-Regenerates skin cells, rejuvenates scar tissue,
promotes smoother skin, stimulates cell growth, diminishes
stretch marks and capillaries Antiseptic, Antibacterial
100% Natural
Ground oatmeal, Brown sugar, Almond & Coconut Oil, Shae Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Tahiti Oil,
Jojoba Oil Anti-bacterial Neem  Oil, Grape Fruit Essential Oil,
Granny's Oatmeal and Honey Face Scrub

De-Ionized Water/Aqua, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate,
from fatty acids from coconut oil),  
Decyl Glucoside (biodegradable, plant-derived, mild non-ionic
 Sucrose Cocoate (natural soap derived from
. Tahiti Oil, Glyceryl Mono Stearate (organic
molecule used as an emulsifier)
Chamomile Recutita
Cucumber Fruit Extract, Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract,
Emulsifying Wax NF,
Preservatives at less then 1% - Disodium EDTA
(stabilizer and
purifying agent to keep formulas free of contamination from
of active ingredients in skin care)
Diazolidinyl Urea (0.2%)

Internet Sources: Wikipedia,,
(emollient derived from derived from Coconut Oil),
Natural Beeswax,
(Organic emulsifier), Stearic Acid.
Body Polish
Sugar & Salt is mixed with the oils, producing a paste,
eliminating the “pooling” of oils associated with many Scrubs.
Typically, a scrub acts as a mild exfoliator
when rubbed on the skin;
but this formula includes emulsifiers, oils and fatty acids,
essentially making it a cream base...minus the water.
When the scrub is exposed to water, you will notice your skin
soft and conditioned when rinsed
Mud Masks
Body Polishes And Scrubs
Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub
All vegetable and organic components are used in this thickened body
eliminating the “pooling” of oils associated with many brands.
Typically, a scrub acts as a mild exfoliator when rubbed on the skin; but
this formula includes emulsifiers, oils and fatty acids, essentially
making it a cream base...minus the water. When the scrub is exposed to
water, you will notice your skin soft and conditioned when rinsed,
unlike the greasy after feel of straight oils (requiring soap, then
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Coconut
Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Organic Beeswax, Glyceryl Stearate, Palm
Stearic Acid, Organic Carnauba Wax, Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E..
Brown Sugar

Oil Based Scrub
100% Natural
Himalayan Pink mineral Salts, Almond Oil, Vitamin E,
(natural Preservative),
Allantoin, (treatment of: skin ulcers,wound, scalds, burns and
sunburns,carbuncles, acne and skin eruptions)
How to use Soap Body Scrub

Apply a small amount to  damp skin.
Scrub in circular motion.
Watch the soap lather and the finely ground mineral &
dead sea salts remove dry flaky skin
leaving your body silky soft

How to use Soap Foot Scrub
Soak your feet for desired amount of time.
Scrub damp feet in a circular motion with a small
amount of Soap Scrub. Watch the soap lather and the
mineral & dead sea salts remove dry flaky skin
leaving your feet silky soft
Place your feet back in your warm water - soak again.
Your sore tired feet will be revitalized.
Israeli Mineral & Dead Sea Salts
plus Granny's Special Blend Soap

They work wonderfully to gently unclog pores

Are very gentle and can be used for all skin types, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin.

Are very hydrating to the skin, especially when infused with natural oils and butters

Can be infused with essential oils for additional benefits

Sugar scrubs can sooth and remove the dry skin caused by eczema

Are perfect for gentle facial exfoliation

Provide the finishing touch to a pedicure

Uncover a full body glow and touchable, soft skin

The benefits of a brown sugar scrub extend not just to the body, but also the scalp.
Many women with highly sensitive, dandruff-prone scalps find that a brown sugar scrub prior to washing or
treating results in healthier, happier hair.

And one big benefit of a brown sugar scrub - it smells wonderful.
The fine salt grains really cleanse every pore and allow your skin to breathe easier like nothing else.
Basically a good salt scrub will clean your skin like no soap or cleanser can,
simply due to the texture of the salt grains.
Dead Sea Salt minerals include Magnesium, Potassium, Bromine, Calcium Chloride and Sodium,
all vital to a youthful and healthy looking skin.
They combine the exfoliating and cleansing effect of using a salt scrub with the high concentration of
essential skin care minerals present in The Dead Sea.
Benefits of a Sugar Scrub
Benefits of a Salt Scrub

are great for
therapeutic and relaxing.
It has even greater element of
therapy for many ailments.
Colour : All Natural Red & White
Speckled Crystals,
Perfect for Scenting,
High Mineral Content,
Dry Uses: Bath Salts, Salt Scrubs,
Aromatherapy, Soap, Spas
Primary Benefits of a Face Mask
This must however be done with a gentle product, and applied without unnecessary force,
so as not to irritate the skin.
As we age, our natural "shedding" ability decreases, and our skin can be over laden with old, dead skin -
Younger people normally do this to remove skin problems like pimples and blackheads, whereas more mature
people exfoliate every two to three weeks to remove dead skin, which reveals the younger, fresher skin below
One common mistake made when scrubbing your face
Exfoliate on a regular basis, this action of removing dead skin cells promotes healthy and vital looking skin,
whilst keeping the skin clear of impurities and dead skin waste.
Why Scrub and Exfoliate Your Skin
  • Exfoliates and cleans the skin better than soaps or cleansers
  • Removes dull, dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin layer
  • Thoroughly cleans your pores allowing your skin to breathe easier
  • Stimulates blood circulation and removes daily toxins from your skin
  • Helps future skin regeneration which keeps your skin looking younger
  • Strengthens and firms skin tissues.
Here are the main benefits that using a good salt scrub provides:
A salt scrub should contain mostly the bath salt, and a small portion of oil (massage oil works great).
When buying a salt scrub make sure that the salt grains are not too large and
never use salt crystals -only grains.
This way the fine grains will help exfoliate your pores better than the large bath salt crystals that are also available.
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A common mistake made by some people is too use an exfoliating scrub too often and to scrub too hard.
As said earlier, people of all age groups, can do with a gentle facial scrub on a regular basis -
but people with acne and pimple skin should rather avoid using scrubs, and use a
combination of Granny's Mask or Mineral Mud plus one of Granny's anti-bacterial Facial Cleansers.
Always Make Sure
to adequately
Moisturize your Skin

One of the main benefits that these masks provide to your skin is the benefit of eliminating dead skin. If you aren’t
eliminating those dead skin cells on a regular basis, you’ll end up having a complexion that looks dull. Facial masks are
designed with natural ingredients that will help to slough off those dead skin cells. This way you reveal younger
looking skin and you eliminate dead skin cells, which can clog pores and lead to blemishes.

Benefit #2: Cleanse Away Impurities

Another of the benefits you can enjoy when using natural face masks is that they help cleanse away impurities. These
masks are designed with ingredients that help to deep clean your face, removing any impurities that may be deep
within the pores. Ask the masks dry, they help to pull impurities away from skin, eliminating deep grime and nasty
impurities that can cause blackheads and other blemishes to occur. Deep cleaning with these masks is recommended
every other week so you can get a deeper clean than you usually do when cleansing your face on a daily basis.

Benefit #3: Improve Texture and Circulation

Improvement of texture and circulation is yet another benefit to using these natural face masks. Special ingredients
help to draw blood to the skin’s surface, which helps skin stay healthier. Improved circulation also helps to give you a
nice skin tone, giving skin a beautiful, refreshing glow. Texture is improved with these masks as well. They help to
refine skin and tighten up pores, giving skin a beautiful texture that looks amazing.
Problem Skin Face Mask
A face mask is an easy way of providing high amounts of active ingredients to your skin
to help clear the complexion and assisting with faster healing.
pollutants and toxins from the skin, while at the same time provide the skin with
high concentrations of active material to fight the problem areas effectively.
See the Difference a Face Mask Can Make on Your Skin
– as if you have just come from a spa treatment –
You will see the improvement in your skin’s tone and color.
A face mask boosting treatment will also help prevent the signs of aging.
Mineral & Dead Sea Salt Soap Scrub
at least a small amount of oil.

the oil moisturizes the younger layer of skin
beneath. Once the scrub has been applied,
In addition to improving the look of the skin,
clean the pores. This helps to ward off irritation
caused by dead skin cells in the pores as well as
blemishes such as pimples. A good salt
scrub can also help to relieve and prevent
ingrown hairs. While there are many
soaps and cleansers that can remove dirt
and oil from the skin, only a scrub can
slough away dead skin cells from the
surface of the skin and from within pores.
Dead Sea Salt Scrubs
are  handmade
in my kitchen
using only the
highest quality ingredients
Chemical Free


Products are
98% to 100%



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