Wash your hands for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds.
A good way to ensure that it's an adequate amount of
time is to hum the "Happy Birthday" tune twice

Do not forget to wash under the cuticles, the fingernails,
between the fingers and on the back of the hands.

scrub your hands using a lot of friction for the
minimum amount of time or more.
a good quality hand cream or lotion often.

Try not to touch the faucets or handles of the
bathroom doors with your clean hands,
especially in public bathrooms.
Steps To Properly Clean Your Face
A Beautiful Healthy Complexion Begins With
Keeping Your Face Clean & Well Hydrated
7 Simple Steps To A Beautiful Healthy Complexion

headband or use a hair clip.

Wet your face with warm water or steam to open your pores.

Massage the cleanser onto your face to remove the daily grime,
makeup, oil & dirt on the surface of your skin.

Completely rinse your face with cool, clean water, to close your pores.

Follow using
Granny's  Refreshing Botanical Toner.

Finally apply Granny's Anti Aging Botanical Mango Moisturizer to your

You are now ready to apply your makeup.
For a youthful
alway clean your face
Foaming Facial
Cleanser to remove
make up and
Return your foot to the basin to rinse off the scrub. Use a washcloth to remove any excess.

Give your other foot equal care. Repeat Steps 3 through 5.
Towel dry both feet.

Apply Granny's
 Body Lotion or  Granny's Foot Butter.
How to Use A Foot Scrub
How to... Scrub Your Feet
cause infection and odor. Blood circulation through the foot and
make a foot scrub part of your health and beauty care regimen.
Shave Your Legs Perfectly
Tip: The trick to shaving is to wet your skin
You don't want to shave dry skin.
Shaving is a natural exfoliator and you'll
clog up the razor with dead skin while
putting yourself at risk for nicks.
Achieving silky, smooth legs made easy!
various directions with knee bent, then

The hair on the knee can be kind of
wacky and tends to have missed spots.

Repeat with other leg.

While you are at it, carefully shave the
tops of your feet and toes if they are
noticeable hairy. Just remember to go
against the grain and be very careful when
shaving over bony, irregular shaped areas.
Pat excess water from your legs.
While legs are still somewhat moist and
pores are open from the shower,
Generously apply
Granny's Body Lotion
or Granny's Luxury Body Butter.

Rinse away any dead skin and soap.

Create a lather and smooth over leg.
top of your thigh near your groin area so
your leg is covered in conditioner.

Prop your foot on ledge of tub or against the wall
of the shower, so leg is bent and you can reach
more easily and begin shaving. Start at your ankle
and slide the razor up to your knee with medium
pressure(you don't need to press very hard).

Rinse the razor off in between strokes.

Repeat using long upward strokes until you have
gone all the way around the lower part of your leg.
As you slide the razor up with one hand, feel the
now-shaved part of you leg with the other to see
if you missed a spot and go over it
again until it's smooth.

Now Shave the top of your thigh, making
upward strokes. On the back of your thigh, glide
you hand in various directions to feel which way the
hair is going. Shave against the grain
(in the opposite direction that the hair is growing).
How To.......Wash Your Hands
How To Care For
Hands, Face, Legs &
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